Our Story


At The Olla Company, our mission is to provide sustainable and efficient watering pots that empower you to succeed in all your gardening endeavors. We are committed to helping you create a sustainable and thriving garden, one Olla pot at a time.


As a young child, I learned  the importance of respecting and appreciating nature. Gardening was a weekly family tradition that brought our family together.  

As an adult, balancing a busy family and keeping my plants alive didn’t always end well for my plants. It wasn’t until I discovered the ancient tradition of Ollas that everything fell into place and I could once again have confidence in my gardening. 

Now, as the founder of The Olla Company, I'm excited to share this tradition with you. Our plants deserve the best care possible, and I'm confident that our Olla watering pots will provide just that. Let us help you raise healthier, more productive plants.