"Honestly, the Olla is the only reason my plants stay alive!"

- Ryan V. (Los Angeles, CA)


Deliver water directly to roots

An Olla (OY-yah) is a porous terra cotta water vessel that, when buried in soil and filled with water, allows the roots of plants to draw out the exact amount of water they need.

Peek inside the Olla and fill when water level is low.

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Garden sustainably

Ollas conserve water 50-70% over hand watering. They reduce frequency of watering, evaporation, and runoff. They also reduce weeds.

Made of terra cotta — Italian for "baked earth"— Ollas are literally Earth serving Earth.

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Worry-free travel

Vacation friendly

Plants stay hydrated while you're away. Simply fill the Olla watering pot with water before you leave and let it do its job. For extended vacations, use with upcycled water or wine bottles.

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  • Soak in water for 15 minutes

  • Bury up to the neck

  • Fill with water

  • Enjoy and refill as needed

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