Ollas are an ancient, time-tested method of sustainable irrigation widely used throughout arid regions of the world. They are made of porous terra cotta.

Used for ~4,000 years

The word "Olla" (OY-yah) comes from the Latin word for pot. The water-filled porous clay pot is buried in the ground up to its neck and covered with a lid to prevent evaporation.

It is literally ancient wisdom serving our modern day gardens.

Technical, but without the "tech"

The porous nature of the Olla uses a process called soil tension release to slowly move water through the clay walls to the surrounding soil.

If the soil is wet, no water is released. As the ground dries, water passes freely through the Olla. This water science creates the perfect moisture balance for your plants.

A lifelong investment

Ollas will repay you with a healthy, thriving, low maintenance garden for years to come. 

Season after season, your reusable cost-effective Olla pots will minimize water waste and efficiently hydrate your plants.

Help create a better garden and future with earth-friendly Olla pots.

  • Conserve water

    Save 50-70% over hand watering by directly hydrating plants roots.

    Ollas reduce frequency of watering, runoff, and evaporation, conserving precious resources and striking the perfect moisture balance.

  • Grow healthier plants

    Olla pots prevent over-watering and under-watering which can stress or damage plants. The slow-release of water at the plants roots ensures they receive the right amount of moisture needed.

    Keep you plants hydrated and healthy with Ollas.

  • Save time

    Simply bury the Olla up to its neck, fill it with water and put on its lid. Refill it with water at your convenience, any time of day or night. 

    In a typical garden, Ollas only need refilling once or twice per week and significantly reduces the need to weed.